How To Disable Sim In Nougat Android

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How To Disable Sim In Nougat Android: It’s not that hard as it sounds, however, I have a friend of mine who recently update his android version to  Nougat, At starting he was pretty confused with the overall interface and he wanted to know is it really possible to Disable Sim In Nougat. We at AndroidTopTips came up with some easy steps on How To Disable Sim In Nougat Android, Let’s find out the step by step guide below and get started.

Disable Sim In Nougat Android

Overview on How To Disable Sim In Nougat Android

So my friend wanted to disable the sim card connectivity for example calls, SMS and everything in order to save battery. However, He still wants to keep the sim card on the phone as he wants to use it for calling purpose. He has 2 numbers and uses 2 cell phones. One phone number is for primary use and the most active number, the second number is kind of primary number and uses it very rarely.
He informed me that he wanted to switch off the si usage has he has tested if he removes the sim the cell phone battery stays active for straight 2  days along with Wifi. However, when he inserts the sim card back and sending no SMS or using it for calls the battery only stays active for 1 day. As we now have the overview of this issue it was pretty easy for me to help him with this easy step by step guide below, hope it will help many other people as well.
Disable Sim In Nougat Android

Step 1: Offline/Airplane mode.

All you can do is simply enable offline/Airplane mode from the notification menu. This is the best way to disable sim and will save a massive amount of battery on your android device.
Disable Sim In Nougat Android
Disable Sim In Nougat Android

Step 2: Disable Wifi/Data Connection.

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If you always like to stay online and more active on social media well, you need to take back a step. It’s caused Wifi- Mobile data connection is the basic reason in which your battery dies faster. Fo example if you have a battery of 10% and you’re out saving battery is the only option until you reach home. In order to save your battery Simply open Settings and then go to Mobile networks and data connection. In data connection, you will you see the option to assign data connection to single sim or both sims. If in case you do not want to use your sim card just switched it off.
Disable Sim In Nougat Android

My Opinion on How To Disable Sim In Nougat Android

As I said above switching to offline or airplane mode will completely disable all your sim card connectivity. When you’re in airplane mode you can simply turn on Wifi only when you need. Wifi Connection works perfectly even if your sim card is disabled. Also If you’re making no calls your smartphone will still make an attempt to connect with network towers every time and that is the reason your battery will die faster. (This happens only when you’re in an area which has bad signal.
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